These are good people

EDITOR – The recent issues published in the newspaper letters describing the social housing people as ‘scum’ has bemused me somewhat.

I live in the private home executive area, of so-called ‘posh’ upper classes and I have never known a place like it because they are the low-life ‘scum’ – people trying to be something they aren’t.

I can’t even walk my dog because of the ill-mannered aggression, and have been attacked for no reason at all, I at times remain housebound.

Why should I when we pay our taxes for living here?

I won’t have my name published not for cowardly reasons, but for the sake of malicious repercussions where I could be stabbed.

I was brought up on a council estate with real people who were a good sort, and never had any harassment or ever invaded our private space/private business.

We have worked hard to achieve the home we own now. I visit friends in a terraced house, also social housing in Grimsby, and it’s another world of normal caring folk who are down to earth, always friendly without intruding.