This town is drifting towards blandness

EDITOR – It was Rousseau who once observed that ‘man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.’ I am sure that he would be pleased to know that 250 years later Louth is doing its very best to keep this point alive and kicking.

What with its Wilko’s, Morrison’s, Superdrug, Oxfam, Clinton’s, WH Smith, Focus and numerous other ubiquitous traders, Louth cannot fail in its drift towards a universally-held, officially rubber-stamped, national blandness.

The latest ‘ball and chain’ to hit Louth is of course Wetherspoons, but this dominant presence comes with a double whammy. Not only could it seriously disrupt the trade of smaller outlets in town, it is also in danger of seriously disrupting (and rewriting) the town’s history which would generate another kind of blandness.

What used to be Scarfe’s and Kai’s bar was in fact the centre of a legitimate, LOCAL and very useful business for over a century, and the key name associated with its history is that of MAWER.

This is an unambiguous fact which should be accurately reflected by Wetherspoons if we are to maintain any kind of special link with the past.

The new establishment could simply be called THE MAWERS (no apostrophe) which would serve to cover all those family members who spent their lives centred upon this part of town, and chain us more truly to our heritage.

Dusty Miller

Stewton Lane, Louth