Ticket machine another ‘winner’ from our council

EDITOR – ELDC appear to have caused much confusion with their new car registration ticket machine at the Co-op car park the other Saturday.

Looking at the queue and a number of people of various ages scratching their heads at the machine I thought ‘hello?’.

And so it proved to be.

One senior citizen allowed people to go in front on a number of occasions in order to see what fun everyone was having and maybe get a ticket himself after working it out.

After I THANKFULLY could see my car registration in the distance, I put it into the machine (I’m finding it harder as I get older to remember numbers etc, as do many people) and I’m sure this will be a problem for a number of people with this machine under pressure of queues.

When then going into the Co-op I noticed the gentleman still at the machine. I thought I would assist him so in asking him his car registration number he gave me numbers and ‘BMW’.

I said I didn’t want the car and model but the registration number; he said it was the registration number!

Doh, says I! Oh me jumping to conclusions as usual!

I presume this model machine is to PREVENT good Christian people giving others a car park ticket (bought, that still has time on the ticket), making them non- transferable so they can make as much money as possible. Whatever!

PS, ELDC – good to see you put us on the map re national TV and papers with the story of pirate flags.

Oh, happy 2012!

Don Rudd

Saltfleetby St Peter