Time to end wind farm farrago

EDITOR – I refer to Malcolm Bouchier’s letter concerning the proposed wind farm development to the west of Grimoldby and South Cockerington and the lack of protest from the residents of those communities.

As many people are aware, wind farms are subsidised, but what most people don’t realise is that these subsidies account for more than half of the wind farm income.

We the public are forced to pay gigantic subsidies to wind farm developers and landowners and we also have to endure the blight these inefficient machines wreak upon us.

The visual damage to our landsape here in Lincolnshire is likely to be extreme, therefore these wind farm projects cannot begin to justify themselves.

If anyone wants to play a part in ending this scandal then please vote in the online wind petition at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/22704.

To the residents of Grimoldby and South Cockerington, I say wake up before it’s too late and voice your objections – unless you are happy to pay for these subsidies which are passed on to us all through our increasing energy grid.

John Jaines

Howdales, South Cockerington