Time to get our priorities right

'Dusty' Miller sent in this cartoon to accompany his letter.
'Dusty' Miller sent in this cartoon to accompany his letter.

EDITOR – Yesterday, a Thursday, at a few minutes after 4pm, I went to use the gents on Little Eastgate only to find the whole site locked up, shut, faceless and truly battened down...

My first trought was that our lords and masters clearly wish to overload our busy urology department at the hospital and cause them extra grief.

A bog-standard day and a bog-standard time and yet our town centre was bogless, and then it dawned on me.

Yes! In view of all these contentious arguments about parking, supermarkets, the cattle market, drinking and anti-social behaviour, crazy driving standards, the old swimming pool and so on, our great leaders are shutting the loos early to stop the town going down the pan.

This thought produced the relief that I needed, and I was able to walk away comfortably buoyed up by the thought that our lives are truly safe in their wise and sensitive hands. Oh, how wonderful it is to be a Louth citizen!

Peter ‘Dusty’ Miller

Stewton Lane, Louth