Toilet closure proved an expensive inconvenience

EDITOR – Further to your article in The Leader about the public toilets in Mablethorpe, it is not only the public who were inconvenienced by the closures and delay in the re-opening of the facilities.

We operate a fish and chip restaurant and are finding that the general public are just walking into our premises to use our facilities – which are intended only for our customers.

Although this is extremely annoying, it is not easy to operate a customers only policy as really everyone is a potential customer and if we refuse admission to our facilities then we may inadvertently offend a potential future customer.

Although ELDC itself may be making savings by closing facilities, it is in actual fact transferring the costs to private businesses who may also need to make cost-cutting exercises during these difficult times.

I have been so angry about this that I had even contemplated sending a bill to ELDC for the cleaning, electricity and water and general wear and tear by the public of a facility the council itself should normally be providing.

Although I have not to date made an official complaint to ELDC I would be interested to hear what it has to say about this by way of a reply in your newspaper so that it can be read by all.

John Banks

The Clock Fish & Chip Restaurant

Seaholme Road, Mablethorpe