Tourist area of town is not the right place for siting of a funeral home

EDITOR – As Trusthorpe Road residents, we say ‘no’ to the proposed Co-operative funeral home. This not a personal vendetta against the company, as our family has used them for their final journey for generations.

We do not want to face our own mortality on a daily basis. Picture the scene: private ambulances and hearses passing your homes on a regular basis, coffins being moved in and out in full view of upstairs windows.

It has been said that the proposed funeral home has the backing of Mablethorpe Town Council. Is this the same council that promotes tourism in our area?

What about Highgate caravan site and the local B&Bs? Can you imagine holidaymakers with children cheerfully making their way to the promenade passing mourners on their way into the chapel of rest and hearses coming out of the funeral home entrance?

Happy memories of Sutton on Sea. Wish you were here? No!

This sounds like a script for a comic horror movie.

Let’s show respect for the living and the dead and find somewhere else that is more suitable.