Traffic-free zone would be a boon to shops and to shoppers

EDITOR – Three times this year I have witnessed blue light ambulances stuck, gridlocked, on High Street and Mercer Row on a market day in Louth.

Walking in the market end of town has become a dangerous occupation due to traffic, narrow pavements and the volume of people.

Trying to negotiate the narrow pavements around Louth if you are in an invalid scooter, pushing a wheelchair or even a pushchair is a nightmare.

People park inconsiderately too as if they were unable to walk even a few steps to a shop or a bank. Cars and vans parked outside shops restrict the general view of that premises.

Imagine a traffic-free area, smooth paved surfaces, seating areas, attractively placed. Cafés creating a relaxed atmosphere, reduced noise and pollution and space to walk around safely and unrestricted views of the shops and market.

We already have a partial one-way system. Surely this could be extended to include a traffic exclusion zone?

Disabled parking could be supplied in the town hall car park. What about a park and ride from Newmarket with small shuttle buses running on market days.

Come on Louth let’s hold hands and jump into the 21st century.

Pat Rowe

Ramsgate, Louth