Use ‘cottage’ hospital ... or we risk losing it

EDITOR – A rallying call to everyone who cares about maintaining our present levels of high-quality health care in Louth!

I left Fotherby Ward at Louth Hospital this week having had a hip replacement. At each step of the way the care I received was excellent. The information and provision of home aids were in place well before the operation.

I was delighted with the scrupulously clean ward, the professionalism of the nursing and medical staff and the outcome of the operation – within a week I am home, mobile (though very careful!) and delighted that I chose to use our local facilities.

But not everyone does! I wonder why the ward was so empty and why, presumably, other patients chose to join the waiting list for treatment in Lincoln.

I do understand that some patients need the additional facilities available at Lincoln, but if you are a suitable candidate for treatment at Louth do use our own ‘cottage’ hospital because if we don’t use it we may lose it!

With sincere thanks to everyone who was so kind, supportive and professional during my stay in Fotherby ward.

Lindi Holbrook

Lee Street, Louth