Vandals did not spray paint road

EDITOR – I was just reading the Leader (April 6) and noticed a piece headed ‘Vandals spray paint one-way road signs’.

I live down Ashley Road, and it must be about a month, maybe six weeks ago, when we had a water company doing some repairs at the junction of Ashley Road/St Michaels Road which meant – this being a one-way street – that residents living upwards from that junction could not get their vehicles to their properties.

So it was not vandalism but the water company that must have sprayed the signs so people could access Ashley Road from Church Street and those above the Ashley Road junction could access their properties from Newmarket, making that part of road a two-way street.

When they had finished the work maybe they forgot to clean the paint off, turning it back into a one way street.

Mark Wilkinson

Ashley Road, Louth