Wardens need proper authority

EDITOR – I read with interest the article about dog fouling in East Lindsey and the dog warden appealing for voluntary help in apprehending those responsible and bringing them to justice by implementing a fine.

I agree it should be stamped out, but how can a volunteer dog watch co-ordinator be responsible for approaching someone whose dog has fouled a particular area and issue any kind of warning or penalty notice?

I can imagine what verbal abuse would be given to anyone other than someone in an official capacity.

Also how can one identify someone who is a complete stranger without asking details at the time of the incident – and how can proof be given to the dog warden of any offenders?

We are living in an age when volunteers are being asked for in all walks of life, unfortunately, and in my opinion it is purely to save the council money. Maybe we need voluntary councillors, but that will never happen.

We have recently, in the Sutton on Sea area, had a new dog warden appointed and I guess that this post will not be voluntary but will come with some sort of salary. So I say let them get on with it if they are getting paid rather than asking people to volunteer their services, with all the scenarios that could bring.

I think 300 complaints in 2011 and six offenders being fined is proof enough that the system is not working.


Marine Avenue West, Sutton on Sea