We missed the torch... twice!

EDITOR – Were we the only group of people who missed sight of the Olympic Torch twice?

We all stood on the forecourt of Merv’s Garage in Alford Road from 8.30am and saw the procession pass but did not see the torch.

We then raced up to South Farm at Sutton where 30 people sat on the verge with bunting hanging on trees, waving flags and wearing special hats, as advertised locally.

Police vehicles rode by peeping their horns and we were told the torch would be passing in 20 minutes’ time. The procession passed by but, again, no view of the actual torch.

It would have been nice if the relevant torch bearer had held the torch up to or out of the window with so many people gathered along the road sides, as that was the main thing people wanted to see.

There seemed to be some confusion about what the procedure actually was, as many people were unaware the vehicle carrying the torch had already passed by.

This was a wonderful occasion, but what a disappointment for ourselves and many others we have spoken to who also would have liked to see the bearer and their symbolic torch.

Margaret Codling, Jean Daws and friends

Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea