We should all try to do our bit

EDITOR - Saturday October 15 was a beautiful bright and sunny day.

It was also the date of the launch of Pride of Mablethorpe day, organised through the Mablethorpe Neighbourhood Residents Forum, by Debbie Prince. There were posters around the town and press and local radio announcements to advertise the event.

Unfortunately, there were very few volunteers who took part. Senior citizens, brownies and a few councillors along with a small number of other people actually participated and their efforts were much appreciated, so thank you to them all.

There are so many complaints made at every Neighbourhood Residents Forum meetings regarding litter and dog mess in and around the area. Residents are given contact numbers to phone and complain.

In an ideal world, we would expect the local authorities to address all of these problems but despite the various refuse collectors working throughout the town and district daily and weekly, it is impossible to keep up with the items discarded by our throw away society.

It is not unreasonable to expect people to use the various bins provided, or to take their litter home with them as many of us do. The absence of bins is not an acceptable reason to drop litter in the street or for us to allow our dogs to foul anywhere without clearing up after them.

While litter picking, bramble clearing and sand sweeping up on Saturday, we volunteers were told by some people that as they don’t drop litter themselves, they shouldn’t have to pick up after others as they pay council tax to have this done. Well, many of us pay council tax but we don’t expect a refund because we pick up after others. We are passionate about Mablethorpe and should all try to do our bit for our town.

We would all love to see town wardens around, giving out on the spot fines for littering and many of us would love to name and shame lazy dog owners for not clearing up after their dogs. You could even volunteer to become a Dog Watch co-ordinator in your own area.

Please help by looking after your own patch. There are some businesses and residents that do this, however, it does not happen in all areas. Some people are willing but others are not.

Please join us and help to make the next pride day more successful.

Litter and fly posting were some reasons given by the judges of Mablethorpe in Bloom for us not being awarded gold.

People with mobility scooters could help by carrying drinks and refuse sacks around for groups such as the Brownies. There are many ways we can all help.

Thank you, Debbie, for your efforts to bring our community together. Let us hope that we get more support in the future.