Well done to local business which showed it truly cared

EDITOR – I’ve always been a big believer in local, well-established tradesmen as opposed to ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ firms who pop up overnight and, more times than not, vanish as quickly leaving you with an expensive bodged-up job.

So it was very reassuring when local Mablethorpe firm Ball and Lawton came to the rescue of an elderly friend of ours after my sister had phoned all round without any luck when she found out he had been days without any electric, fridge, hot water for shaving, washing or a drink etc.

She phoned Ball and Lawton who said they would look in on him on their way home from a job after she explained his situation.

Not in a few days or weeks, but in hours.

She took some hot water round in a flask so he could have a hot drink and told him they were on their way which cheered him up, and then they sat outside on chairs near the main road, which has amused her since wondering what passers-by would be thinking.

He lives off the main road, so it made it easier for the firm to find him.

As promised they turned up and, although the electrics were a bit of a state to say the least, they had him back on the same day and were very good to him.

So thank you Ball and Lawton for giving an elderly man his faith back in human nature and for putting some compassion before big profitable jobs.

A rare thing these days indeed.

Stuart Reder

Rigsby, Lincs