What is there to not like about academy system?

EDITOR – Regarding the debate concerning our local schools, I should like to make the following observations.

Academies were introduced to the education system by Tony Blair in March 2000. Initially they were created from failing schools, or those either in special measure or deprived areas.

All academies were hugely successful and provided heads and staff with new opportunities to develop educational strategies to raise standards. As a result the academy programme was widened, and in March 2007 the Government announced an increase in the target to 400 new academies to be created.

Academies are publicly funded schools, free from local authority and national government control. They are independently-managed schools that aim to provide first-class free education to local pupils of all abilities.

The schools receive the money direct from Government and choose to spend it as they see fit. It does away with an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy.

What is not to like? Why would you not want this system given the choice?

Iris Dainton

South Somercotes