What we need is a supermarket

EDITOR – East Lindsey District Council certainly made the right decision to refuse Lindum planning permission.

As we all know, Mablethorpe does not have the infrastructure to cope with this type of development.

Who is going to buy the houses? It would end up as one huge area of social housing along with the problems this brings.

There are and have been for a long time many houses up for sale which cannot sell because no one is moving into this town because there is no employment etc.

Yes, problem families are brought in and look what happens.

We hear the people on benefits who want these houses say: ‘Oh we might as well be at the seaside on the dole’.

Please please keep refusing. All the good people with their own resources will leave Mablethorpe.

We would love a Tesco or any other supermarket in the High Street. That is definitely what we need – and urgently.


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