What were marine erections?

EDITOR – I am writing to you in the hope that readers can provide assistance in solving a question on the history of Mablethorpe.

Back in the 1950s, as a youngster, I spent many holidays with my parents at the Golden Sands Caravan Park at Mablethorpe.

I distinctly remember crossing the dunes to the beach and walking north (not too far) on many occasions.

Clearly visible out to sea was a large structure on legs; the structure appeared square, reddish brown in colour and made of timber or steel.

I believe I was told that it was a sea defence of some sort from the Second World War, but can find no photograph or reference to it on any relevant website.

I believe that your archives may hold the answer to my question as to what the structure was, and even contain written and/or photographic documents on same.

I have no living relatives who can assist me with this search as to what it was and hope that you may assist an ex-pat here in Australia with an interest in the past.

Some have told me it may have been one of the forts in the Humber estuary, but I find this questionable due to distance and line of sight.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to your positive reply in due course.


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