Where to start with gripes over council’s many faults?

EDITOR – In the April 27 edition of the Leader I was described as an angry reader, but I disagree as I am usually quite happy when reading. A better description would be ANGRY RATE PAYER.

My article – which you headed as ‘Why can’t we maintain what we have already got?’ – is just the tip of the iceberg.

A few weeks ago you published the earnings of the top so many jobs at the council and although I can’t now remember the exact amounts I am sure the top one was on something like £132,000 per year. This to me is totally, totally wrong; has no one told them that this is just a DISTRICT council, not even a COUNTY council.

I think this amount is only a few thousand short of the prime minister’s wages and he has the WHOLE country to look after.

I think all jobs that are £80,000 or over should be scrapped and that money used to make the assets the council already has, i.e. the seaside towns, as good as they possibly can be and that in turn will pay dividends.

In the article headed ‘Sutton makeover’ it was stated that the paddling pool has been prepared for the season, but that was still being done on Good Friday, which to my mind was a bit late to say the least. We’d been having good weather for a good two weeks before then.

I suppose they will say they have schedules to keep to and I have a word for that – and it has two ‘els’ in it.

They also said in their article that the paint had been scraped off ready for painting. Well it has been like that for the past three weeks or more, so plenty of visitors have had a good look at the mess.

As for the invested £50k from the capital programme to replace the railings along the upper deck of the colonnade and decorating them to match the resort’s colour scheme, that is a right laugh. This job was started at the beginning of December or maybe sooner, but I was away on holiday and didn’t get back until December 2, and it had certainly started before then.

This job has taken over FOUR months to complete!

One other thing I would like to say while I am at it, and that is the gardens. For many years the gardens at Sutton on Sea were something to behold and much commented on by residents and visitors alike.

The gardeners had their own greenhouse on the Broadway and produced all the plants themselves. The council, in its wisdom, then took that away from them and all the plants, bulbs and shrubs were bought, but still the displays looked brilliant, but at the end of each season, when it was time to put in different plants, the gardeners were told to lift out the old ones and throw them away!

What kind of lunacy was that? Any half-decent gardener will tell you that you can more often than not reuse plants and bulbs. Then what did the council do... it decided to do away with all the lovely colourful plants and bulbs and put in various bushes that never look very nice and often can’t stand the cold winds that we have on the coast and some of them have died off and had to be pulled out.

All the good gardeners we had have now all disappeared, or been moved on to something else, and they seem to have been replaced with a group of men who just come now and then to do a tidy-up job.

This is probably costing much less money, but it is not appealing to the eye. Sutton is far from what it used to be... and by that I mean it is worse, not better.

S Worley

Furlongs Road