Where were the firefighters?

EDITOR – A group of friends and myself went to investigate Hubbard’s Hills the other Friday night (Louth Paranormal Group).

There were a few people about, but just one group of teens. They were happily doing their own thing while we carried out our investigation, but shortly after midnight, whilst walking back from one of our vigils, we noticed several waste bins had been set alight.

At this hour there were only ourselves and this group of teens at the hills, and obviously it wasn’t us who did it. Sadly, three bins were set alight and we immediately telephoned the fire brigade at 12.18.

Fortunately, we had managed to extinguish one while waiting for them as it was only just taking hold. Unfortunately, the other two were well alight and we had no idea if there was anything in them that may explode, so we did as advised and did not try to tackle the fires ourselves (at first).

After waiting nigh on 45 minutes we realised it was up to us to extinguish them. After the recent dry weather and Hubbard’s Hills being a natural beauty spot enjoyed by thousands of people a year we felt it absolutely necessary to take action.

We extinguished the other fires by using discarded pop bottles and the supply of water that obviously runs through the hills. Fortunately, we were successful and after waiting till almost 1am we finally left.

Even upon leaving we thought that maybe we would see fire engines going to the scene, but no-one turned up. I am disgusted that no-one bothered and Louth could’ve lost a part of its natural beauty due to mindless vandals.

Sharon Mendham

Louth Paranormal Group