Where will the jobs come from?

EDITOR – I have read and heard many opinions on the proposed development of Golf Road, both for and against, but it seems to me that some questions, if asked, have not been fully answered.

There are claims it will regenerate the area and bring much-needed jobs and affordable homes.

It appears to me that the regeneration will consist of a pub and a supermarket and. so far as jobs are concerned. would provide only short-term positive work with even some of these dependant on the pub surviving. How many pubs in the area at present are finding it extremely difficult to keep going?

Where, therefore, are all these much-needed extra jobs going to come from? There is no prospect of any large-scale industrial development and, even if there were accessible transport links to surrounding areas, the bulk of vacancies are only temporary and seasonal.

It is no answer to say they will be in the construction of the development as these will most likely be imported, and will also end when the development is finished.

Two further questions which come to mind are where are the additional school places to come from and can the existing doctor’s practice cope?

As for affordable homes, there have been some in the area already and there was one completed at Sutton on Sea three years ago... where there are still properties for sale.

Finally, I understand the main entrance to the development is to be on the S bends to the west of the school on Alford Road. With the best will in the world, I cannot see how this has not been strongly opposed by the Road Safety Partnership for obvious reasons, and by the education and health and safety authorities.

J SMITH Address supplied