Who can help to save concert society for future generations?

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EDITOR – Louth has long been known as a beacon for the arts, and music in particular, in the north-eastern corner of Lincolnshire, and music is an activity in which Louth, with its multitude of groups and societies, punches above its weight. Louth and District Concert Society, which provides an annual programme of six international standard classical music recitals by pianists and chamber duos/groups, has been an important part of that musical landscape for the last 70 years.

The United Kingdom is going through a difficult period financially and there are considerable constraints and pressures upon all arts-orientated groups and activities, including our society. However those difficulties are nowhere near those which faced this country in the year the society was formed in 1943.

We can continue to provide international standard artists performing in a comfortable and acoustically responsive venue with convenient nearby parking, but surprisingly that does not guarantee our future prosperity, which is essentially dependent upon membership and concert visitor numbers. Whilst other similar quality musical events in Louth attract much larger audiences, it is surprising that out concerts do not seem to have the same draw.

The additional support needed to ensure our future prosperity is relatively small – an extra 20 concert-goers attending each concert would make an significant difference.

I hope that the 1943 spirit and enthusiasm which established our society is alive and well in Louth in 2011, so we can look forward to increased support next season and to another 70 years of excellent concerts.

If any of your readers are interested they may join our brochure mailing list or email list by contacting me on 01507 606371 or louthmusic@gmail.com .

Neil Sharpley

Secretary, Louth & District Concert Society