Who says? The Prime Minister says!

EDITOR – In response to John Simpson and B Clark, I would like to point out a few things.

My family have resided in the Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea area for some 200 years, in which time I would point out that the houses said letter writers have retired in are the subject of past developments.

Did said letter writers not consider it was these developments that has given them a home today? The concept that because a place is currently small that no development should take place is entirely preposterous. I remind you that the locations of current big stores in Mablethorpe were nothing more than fields.

I believe people are using Mablethorpe simply as the scapegoat for where the real places that need to move forward are. Mablethorpe has grown terrifically in the past century, from the same standing that Sutton on Sea and Trusthorpe have today. Trusthorpe is the holiday destination for thousands of people every year. They deserve a better experience and more amenities.

And in response to the woes about the A52, I will let you rest easy in the comfort that I’ll let people of qualification worry about that. I will also thank you for pointing out about the massive passing trade it creates.

‘Who says Trusthorpe desperately needs housing?’ Well, I’ll think you’ll find, current Prime Minister David Cameron says England desperately needs housing (you can find this out by reading a national newspaper) and Trusthorpe as far as I’m concerned is the first target in this area that needs to come forward.


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