Who will really benefit from plans?

EDITOR – Do all the people who support this development actually live in Mablethorpe? Do they not know the damage to all roads leading into Mablethorpe that will be caused by all the heavy lorries bringing in hardcore?

As for the jobs, what apprenticeships will be created by a pub, a supermarket, and a filling station? Not many – if any. And as we have seen before, all too often any jobs created actually constructing the site, Mablethorpe will be lucky to supply 10 per cent of the workforce, the other 90 per cent being imported.

As for the social housing side, it’s said local people will be moving into them so it won’t affect our services, i.e. doctors, dentists, bus services.

Well what about all the houses, flats, bedsits, guest houses they vacate? Do you think no-one will move into them? If they don’t, more doom and gloom for the town as they all supply an income to someone.

No, only a few people will benefit from this development – again.


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