Why not hold meeting for parents?

EDITOR – I’m a member of the Kidgate parents group on Facebook. I am emailing you comments on their proposed move to academy status.

On Monday Andrew Austin, joint chair of Louth and Mablethorpe Save Our Schools and two parents, including myself, met with the Kidgate head and governors.

During this meeting, we requested an open meeting in which the pros and cons of becoming a academy could be discussed, collectively between all the parents of Kidgate and the staff, governors and head of the school, and during which any questions or concerns could be put to the board and head in a public forum, to dispel any rumour or confusion.

They told us they would consider it as the meeting continued after we left. They then released a letter informing all parents that they would hold governors clinics in which the governors will speak to us individually – this is not the same thing.

I can’t work out why the school don’t just hold a parents meeting to explain the proposed changes as this would surely give them an opportunity to speak directly to all the parents and for all parents to hear the answers to any questions or concerns raised.

It is still hoped by many parents that, before the consultation period has finished, the school will hold a meeting for all parents in which they explain the proposed move and how it will benefit the school, as well as giving the opportunity for other views to be expressed and questions to be asked directly and answered in public.

Currently the only people holding open meetings for all parents to discuss the change are SOS.

Duncan Rossiter