Why should Trotters be asked to move?

EDITOR – I agree that Trotters should stay the way it is; after all is said and done there are other traders up there, but they haven’t been told to move on so why ask Trotters?

Also, a farm shop and Lidl will go nicely too. It would help people’s pockets, but the trouble with the councils is they are a law unto themselves.

They have been very selfish about it all; it’s one law for them but none for the people whose voices are not being heard, so it’s time the councils sat down to think about it. They might get a lot more money than outsiders.

As for Louth, it’s no antique town as some people call it, it’s absolutely rubbish, so how can they call it antique.

There are too many charity shops for a start, and not enough car parks.

There are a lot more families that are not so well off and even the kids have to suffer. There is nothing for kids to do apart from the leisure centre, but that costs too much money.

J Johnson

St Edith Gate, Grimoldby