Why such a large rise in school bus fares?

EDITOR – My daughter will be affected by the council cuts on post-16 transport. We went to the consulation meeting in Louth last week.

My daughter will be travelling from Authorpe to Louth as she is going to stay on at Monks Dyke to do the sixth form. At the moment the bus pass costs £202, and it will be going up to £390.

We don’t mind paying but I do think increasing the price by nearly double is a bit much. If my daughter wanted to go to Lincoln or Grimsby it would cost the same. If I got a taxi from Authorpe to Louth it wouldn’t cost as much as going to Lincoln from Louth.

In September my younger daughter will be starting secondary school in Louth so I will be putting two daughters on the same bus one I don’t have to pay for and one I will be paying £390 for.

I would understand if the bus was over-crowded, but it isn’t.

S Mountain