Will cash flood into the town?

EDITOR – I have been reading the reactions of the refusal to allow the development at Golf Road.

I attended some of the meetings and saw very few supporters for the development at these meetings. Now it appears everyone is rushing to say they want the plans to go ahead.

One of the main reasons for the objections is that the residents of Jacklin Crescent are worried about flooding. Are people from other towns aware that Jacklin Crescent has only single-storey bungalows with a dyke at the back?

The plan is to elevate the new development so they will be flood proof, not so older properties. We all know that concrete doesn’t absorb water and it will run into the dyke.

Properties along the Strand already have their gardens waterlogged. I know that Lindum have tried to assure everyone that this will not occur, but when the buildings are complete will they just walk away?

Regarding the £1 million that Lindum are going to donate to Mablethorpe, will it go to Mablethorpe or into ELDC’s coffers?

They seem more interested in Skegness than us. Don’t even think about getting a swimming pool: the building of it is one thing, the maintenance is something else. ELDC has already said it would not fund it. It has to pay out enough to keep the one at Louth going.

As regards Lyn Bright’s comments regarding the industrial estate, I did not know that this comes into the equation. Mablethorpe Community Gardens has taken over some of the land, but no firms are interested in moving here because of the poor transport links.

Finally I am not anti-housing. I had to wait five years for council accommodation, ten months of which I lived in a hostel with my children while my husband had to live elsewhere, but that is another story.


Regent Road, Mablethorpe