Will conscience force driver to make amends?

EDITOR – I would like to appeal to the rat who ran over my daughter’s cat at East Barkwith on Sunday, December 11, leaving the poor thing to struggle home on two legs, freezing cold and soaking wet.

She is only a year old and now has a broken pelvis and serious internal damage to her organs. We don’t know yet whether she will survive this horrible ordeal.

The person who did this knew they had run over her but didn’t stop. My daughter is now facing a huge vet’s bill through no fault of her own.

We all know pets are expensive to look after properly and she, and her husband, are responsible pet owners and do everything right.

They are also a hard-working young couple with very little spare money, so perhaps the individual who caused this unnecessary expense, and the cat’s suffering, would like to get in touch with the Louth Leader and donate a little towards the vet’s bill that they were responsible for?

I don’t suppose you will bother though, will you?

Barbara Dobbs

South Elkington