Will value be reduced or not?

EDITOR - Another consultation... this time on closing 30 day services, two respite services and community supported living services across Lincolnshire, some of which are in Louth.

It would appear that there may be a legal requirement for the council to consult in these circumstances. However, when the last consultation on social care cuts delivered a resounding 88 per cent of respondents against the cuts, they still went ahead with them.

We are told that nothing will happen until alternatives are in place. The two respite services that are under consideration for closure were recently offered to us as alternatives to the respite unit that had closed in Louth. Both buildings owned by the council and only built in 2009. So now our newly placed alternative is under threat.

The council may feel that it is an opportunity to save money but if parents and carers lose any respite and day care this may lead to many people no longer being able to manage their son/daughter/ relative at home, leading to increased costs for the council to fund residential care.

Some parents/carers have been doing the caring for decades and are now elderly and not in good health themselves.

The official view appears to be that people no longer require the more traditional service. Where do those ideas come from when only 7,000 out of a possible 30,000 have, to date, taken up the Personal Budget scheme?

Who can say, at this moment in time, what the remainder would require.

Coun Marsh is quoted as being surprised at the speed with which people are leaving the traditional services.

The money that the service user is entitled to is based on the RAS point. The council propose to reduce the value of this, thereby reducing the money available for the individual for the services assessed as being needed.

So will the value be reduced or not? We are not waiting with any degree of trepidation as we think we know the answer.

Beryl and Robert Thompson

Covenham St Bartholomew