Winnie’s horrific story brings back memories

EDITOR - Your article on Winnie was so sad (‘Horrifying case as dog is dumped’ August 8), it brought back memories of our own rescue dog.

We were at the rescue centre looking for a dog, when someone from the dog pound arrived with what looked like a bag of rags. Just like Winnie, he had not been groomed for a very long time, so he was all knots and tangles, running alive with fleas.

He had been dumped near Spalding, possibly because he had lost an eye and it was too much bother and expense to care for him.

The staff at the kennels bathed him and got rid of the fleas and we collected him two days later, took him to our vet who advised daily bathing of the eye and a course of antibiotics, a week later the eye was clean and healing.

A trip to the dog groomer removed loads of hair (just like Winnie) to reveal a bag of bones, you could see every rib and every vertebrae along his back. Lots of TLC and good food and he is now a fine looking Lhasa Apso, but he still has little phobias.

He is so popular in our village, loved by children and older people alike, his one bad habit is that he will block someone’s path thinking that they have biscuits for him.

It will not be hard to rehome Winnie, she will be so loved and bring joy to people the way our Benji has.

I wish her and her new owners all the very best for a happy life.