You have to really live in this town to get insight into what residents need

EDITOR – I have not heard such rubbish as I have that ‘urgent housing is needed’.

Housing is most certainly not needed! Of the majority of the new houses built north of Golf Road over the past years, every Dom, Dick and Harry has been both given and evicted from them.

These houses would never be used for proper working Mablethorpe people, they simply are filled with the people other areas don’t want.

One walk through the High Street and you see so much crime and brash ‘in yours and everyone’s faces’ attitude and disregard to people. The type who at midnight are in your front garden or busy down some dark area with a torch (and not the battery kind).

These are the type of people who, with their bad back, asthma, deformed big toe and maybe just some kind of ADHD or something else as a child, will be given these houses.

You know what happens when one is in? Nobody else will want the rest, so they stick more of these types.

Policing is appalling, as ever, budget cuts and a simple lack of interest to prevent crime.

I have on too many occasions seen such obliviousness by ‘active’ police officers to their surroundings. Only in Mablethorpe around bonfire night is it seemingly acceptable to aim and fire fireworks at people’s houses.

I will close by saying, unless you live here – unless you really, really, live here – what business is it of yours of what you think the town should do?

Unless you work in the small convenience shop, fuelled and funded by people trying to make this town.

Unless you buy stuff locally, you actually interact and be social with the other locals around you.

Unless you simply come here, every summer time for the same pleasant experience.

Then you actually will have some insight on what you’re talking about.