Your word on that Mr Rhodes?

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EDITOR – It would appear our Deputy Chief Constable, Neil Rhodes, has certainly mastered the art of being a spin doctor.

We are going to witness a reduction of around 70 police officers and 90 police staff posts across the county this year alone. This may rise up to 130 officers over the next four years, and who knows how many staff posts.

By Mr Rhodes’s own admission, front-line policing will be reduced. For this to happen and there to be an improvment in service, as Mr Rhodes claims, Lincolnshire Police must have been wasting money hand over fist, or have been really badly organised, for which surely Mr Rhodes should take some responsibility as a Deputy Chief Constable.

Would Mr Rhodes like to give the people of Lincolnshire a guarantee, backed by his job, that the service will improve rather than just telling us he believes it will improve?

D Laking

Riverside Court, Louth