Arran Brindle ‘honoured’ by Prime Minister meeting

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Louth cricketer Arran Brindle was bowled over when she got to meet Prime Minister David Cameron in India on Monday.

Arran, who has recently been part of the England Women’s side who finished third in the ICC Cricket World Cup, met the PM during his three-day visit to India with a British trade delegation.

Mr Cameron met Arran and ECB’s Head of Women’s Cricket Clare Connor in Mumbai , even using Arran’s bat when he stepped up to the crease to face some young Indian bowlers.

She tweeted: “PM takes on future generation of Indian cricketers at Mumbai, @ChaseCricket my bat went very nicely for him,” and: “What an experience meeting David Cameron on the Medan oval in Mumbai, hundreds gathered! Kids loved it massive honour!”

Afterwards, she said: “It is a huge honour to have met the Prime Minister in this cricket mad country, and his presence reflects the recognition that women’s cricket is earning in England.

“It is really exciting for the future of our sport.”

Claire Connor, who is also the Chairwoman of the ICC Women’s Committee, said: “Women’s cricket is going from strength to strength and it’s terrific that the Prime Minister takes a personal interest in the sport and was prepared to make time in his busy schedule to hear first-hand about the opportunities that now exist worldwide for women and girls to play the game.

“Whilst we were naturally disappointed that England did not make the final, the overall standard of competition in this tournament was excellent and a fantastic advertisement for the international women’s game as a whole.”

ECB Chief Executive, David Collier added: “We are grateful for the continued support of the Prime Minister, and I’m delighted that he could meet Arran and Clare to discuss Women’s cricket.

“The Women’s World Cup was full of fantastic and entertaining cricket, and I have no doubt that girls and women all around the world will have been inspired by what they’ve seen.”