Louth Town battle Selby Town

Town in action.
Town in action.

Selby Town 4 Louth Town 2

If you were a spectator you would agree that after Louth’s first half display, they were certainly in the running for all three points.

But due to second half changes they lost their way and ended up with another defeat.

The White Wolves second string keeper failed to turn up and Bobby McSpadden was drafted in as a replacement.

He put on a fine display and deserves credit for his performance.

Louth started strongly and continued in that vein for the whole of the half.

First on the score line was Lee Croft when he headed home a superb cross form Sam McSpadden. After the restart Joe Gale went very close with a stinger of a shot.

Selby were not out of it and were awarded a penalty on the 16th minute.

All credit to McSpadden for getting a finger to it.

It was not long before Louth took a 1-2 lead after Crofts shot was parried clear by the keeper.

Only for Paul Jones to move in from the right and calmly slot the ball home.

It did not take long for Selby to equalise when Tom Owen beat two defenders on the wing and shot with accuracy through a packed defence.

A confident Louth went into the beak at 2-2.

A different side appeared to take on the second half. Crofty and Gale were still running their legs off, but something was lacking.

Everyone worked hard and good performances were seen in defence by Andy Appleby and Craig Dalton.

But you could feel the match slipping away from Louth grasp.

Three substitutions were made, but to no effect.

Selby were given a slight upper hand and duly took their chances with goals by Dan Gray and Steve Lyon on 67 and 76 minutes.

Louth came back strongly in the final minutes, but it was then too late. I left the ground feeling sorry for the players who once again proved they are not a bottom of the league side.

At home attendances have been down because of the string of defeats, but I ask all supporters to get down to Park Avenue for our remaining home matches and get behind them.

Don Noble Betting Man of the Match: Andy Appleby.

Louth squad: Bobby McSpadden, Sam McSpadden, Andrew Appleby, Craig Dalton, James Archer, Paul Jones, Frazer Chapman, Lee Croft, Paul Coulam, Joe Gale. SUBS: Matthew Buck, Robbie Bryant, Alex Nichols, Michael Armstrong.

Attendance at the match: 81