Louth Town versus Knaresborough Town in Baris Northern Counties East League Division One

Baris Northern Counties East League Division One

Knaresborough Town 3 Louth Town 2

This was a disappointing result for Louth Town despite a good performance away to Knaresbrough. With several players away, manager Daryl Clare had little choice but to put himself on from the start. This decision lead to his first goal of the season - in fact ever - in the White Wolves` colours. From the start the Wolves displayed their usual show of quality football, challenging the home side with some controlled tackles and enthusiastic runs thrilling the supporters in the process. In the 17th minute the referee had no hesitation in pointing to the penalty spot in Louth`s favour. When manager Daryl Clare stepped up to take the spot kick, all Louth fans relaxed. Much to the relief of manager Clare, the score was turned into a deserved 1-0 to the away side. Shortly after, injured Mike Armstrong was replaced by an eager Paul Coulam.

In the 27th minute Knaresborough decided they had better improve their game as Louth`s continuous attacks got more and more dangerous. Even after MacTaggart`s valiant attempts to keep the ball out, Knaresborough`s Ben Clayton managed to tap in and score an equaliser. Louth Town did not give up though and kept pressing. However, neither did Knaresborough because in the 39th minute they scored their second goal and led 2-1 at the break.

After half-time Louth came out in high spirits expressing this in their enthusiastic football. In the 68th minute, man-of-the-match Elliott Broughton broke past two hard Knaresborough defenders and passed to Rocky Rawlings. Rawlings passed back to Broughton allowing him to score Louth`s second goal, thirty yards away. Thus the score was turned into a much better 2-2 and both sides had all to play for. Chris Ella was the one who replaced manager Clare in the 80th minute.

Such was Louth’s pressure that they had two valid penality appeals disregarded but disappointly, instead, Knaresborough scored their third and final goal in the 81st minute. Despite this Louth Town continued to worry and pressure Knaresborough all the way to the final whistle, sadly to no avail. The performance was deserving at least a point and probably all three.

Afterwards, manager Daryl Clare said: “With the players we had missing it was a magnificent effort and a terrific game by two good sides. I think the woodwork got hit several times and with five goals it must have been a great match watch. They had a French international playing, not sure how, but he made the difference. We could not handle this quality. It`s not on my agenda to play but it was satisfying to get out there and get stuck in with the lads.”

Next up is a home match against Clipstone on Saturday, a game that Louth must win to keep up their promotion challenge. The White Wolves have been playing some great football this season and it is hoped that the population of the town will turn out to cheer them on and put Louth on the football map.

Brackenborough Hotel Man of the Match: Elliott Broughton

Louth Town: MacTaggart; Manders, Appleby, Martin, Danny Stevens, Hyland, Armstrong, Rawlings, Willoughby, Clare, Broughton. Subs: Coulam, Leafe, Ella.


Forthcoming Fixtures

Saturday, November 10th v Clipstone Welfare (League) at Park Avenue. Kick off 3pm

Tuesday, November 13th v Worsbrough Bridge (League Cup) away. Kick off 7.45 pm

Saturday, November 17th v Teversal (League) away. kick off 3pm

Saturday, November 24th v Hemsworth Miners Welfare at Park Avenue. Kick off 7.45 pm