International cricket match in Louth next month will come to life with the aid of 3D cameras

Louth's Arran Brindle and England captain Charlotte Edwards are likely to be among the starting XI on July 1.
Louth's Arran Brindle and England captain Charlotte Edwards are likely to be among the starting XI on July 1.
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Lincolnshire’s first ever international cricket fixture which is being held in Louth next month will be coming to life thanks to state-of-the-art 3D technology.

The Lincolnshire County Council-run onlincolnshire project, along with the University of Lincoln, is setting up 3D cameras, a 3D television and the latest in motion capture technology at the England v Pakistan women’s match at Louth’s London Road ground on Monday, July 1 to show how the technology works.

Those with tickets to the match will have the opportunity to get plugged in to the cutting-edge kit, test their batting style and watch the results in 3D at the OnLincolnshire marquee.

The equipment is being piloted to see what interest there is from businesses in accessing a range of digital technology ahead of the launch of a Lincolnshire Technology Hub at the Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth in early autumn.

Councillor Colin Davie from Lincolnshire County Council said: “Taking our 3D technology and the university’s motion capture equipment to the international cricket match is a great way to introduce people to what can be expected at the new Louth Technology Hub later this year.

“Our hubs, and indeed the onlincolnshire project as a whole, are about opening up a world of digital technology and possibilities to areas which might not otherwise have access to such things. Hundreds of sports fans will be at the match, so we can’t wait to test their batting technique.”

There will be two types of 3D technology used at the event. The first will be specialist cameras and a 50” TV which work together to show 3D images without the need for glasses – something called autostereoscopic imaging.

There will also be a variety of motion capture systems, which are most commonly used to create animation in films or computer games.

Participants are hooked up with small spherical markers at different points on their bodies, while multiple cameras emit an infrared light which reflects off the markers back to the camera.

The camera records the motion of those markers alone, allowing the markers’ movements to be relayed back in real time as they perform an action – such as a batting stroke.

Councillor Adam Grist, Portfolio Holder for Culture, Leisure and Tourism in East Lindsey, commented: “We’re very excited to welcome some of the most modern sports technology out today to our 1st July cricket match in Louth.

“In addition to watching a world-class game, this advanced technology will provide cricket fans a unique chance to test the equipment pros use to fine tune their skills when training.”David Mullineaux, professor in sports science at the University of Lincoln’s School of Sport and Exercise Science, said: “Sport provides a versatile setting to demonstrate the benefits of 3D technology that can give businesses an appreciation of its application in a risk-free environment.

“Cricket is popular throughout Lincolnshire, and as such involves a wide range of ages and skills on which to test this technology.

“We hope this hub will spur ideas and stimulate discussions on the development and applications that will benefit commerce and industry.”

You can follow the conversation about the 3D technology on Twitter with the hashtag #louth3Dhub as well as at

The women’s cricket match between England and Pakistan is set to begin at 10:45am at the London Road Pavilion – home of Louth Cricket Club.

The game will include an RAF fly-over with the match ball being parachuted to the pitch, as well as cricket-related activities for youngsters.

Tickets for the match are available by calling 0845 674 0505, visiting, or stopping in at any East Lindsey sports facility.