Louth Indoor Bowls Club victory

LOUTH Indoor Bowls Club’s Men’s ‘B’ team produced an excellent result from their county match at Stamford, winning 93-91 with the final outcome depending on the last couple of deliveries.

After a steady start, Louth forged ahead on three rinks by the halfway stage and held a 15 shots lead.

By the 15th end this margin had been reduced to 10 shots but the advantage on three rinks was maintained until the end.

However, with Stamford chipping away at Louth’s lead it was vital that even the losing rinks picked up whatever shots they could manage.

And so it proved, with one visiting rink grabbing three shots on their last end to ‘ease’ Louth to a two shot victory.

Louth’s top rink was made up of George Willoughby, Pete Stainton, John Tuplin and Malcolm Hewson which won 30-15.

At club level the 100 per cent record of Kevin. Jerromes and Janie Kendall in division 3 of the Friday Mixed Pairs fell by the wayside as they were beaten 15-7 by Tony and Lucille Woods who nicked the top spot.

In division one the Erns and Shirley Jensen recorded their first points with a 18-5 won over John and Nancy Ness but still remain bottom.

Chalkers are once again dominating the evening leagues. They took an eight point lead in the Triples after beating Jackos 21-7 and also top the Fours by seven points after a 14-9 success against Questors.

The Fours saw the biggest win of the week when Jet Set 2000 swept through Blossom Way by 34-5.

The club will be open Christmas Eve until 2pm and open all day on Tuesday December 28.