Louth pigeon fanciers success with North Road Championship Club race

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LOUTH racing pigeon fanciers dominated the provisional result of the second national race of the season organised by the prestigious North Road Championship Club, which has been providing top-class racing for 110 years.

The 250 mile race from Perth was won by the family partnership of brothers Mark and Clive Burton, their dad Frank, and uncle Ron Collins, who were just inches in front of near neighbours Tim Dales and Albert Sayers, with respective velocities of 1466.75 and 1466.18 yards per minute.

Both lofts are situated in Little Lane, as is that of Richard Mamwell who will also figure prominently in the final result, alongside another Louth fancier Alan Wright.

Bob Kellett, of Mablethorpe, winner of the last NRCC race from Dunbar a fortnight ago, and Mr and Mrs Dave Evans, of Alford, are also among the pacesetters.

Burtons and Collins previously had national success 12 years ago from the same racepoint, and in that year, 1999, they also won the young bird national.