Cambridge City 3s play Louth Women’s hockey team

WITH lack of match practice and training due to freezing weather conditions Louth boarded the special bus to start their adventure to Cambridge to play City 3s – a rearranged game.

All was going swimmingly until Louth hit the A1 where signs flashed J14 closed. Having not been warned an alternative route had not been discovered, so they joined the queue for the diverted traffic which appeared to be moving steadily, but they still had 19 miles to go.

Getting the impression they weren’t going to make the 2pm push back a phone call was made to the opposition warning them of their lateness.

An hour and a half later Louth arrived at the ground 30 minutes late.

Louth had no time to prepare themselves, a quick warm up was all. The heavens opened but the game was under way.

With some players playing out of position and younger inexperienced players joining Louth started the game positively, working the ball into City’s half.

Maggie Bilcliffe and Chris Giles worked hard at coming back and winning the ball, launching attacks on the opposition.

Rosie Bunny was doing a sterling job at getting in front of her player and bananaramering into the D, but to no avail. City commenced an attack on the Louth D, and struck the ball across the D leading to a scuffle in front of the target and the ball found itself in the goal. 1-0 to Cambridge City 3s.

Louth started again and found a lot of space on the pitch but were unable to capitalise on it. Cambridge City despatched another attack on Louths’ D, striking a ball towards the goal but hitting a Louth foot. Short corner given. Louth prepared themselves behind the line, the ball hit out, Louth moved on to the attackers but the ball was quickly shot into the goal corner. 2-0 to Cambridge City 3s.

Louth regrouped and formed an attack on City’s D, passing into spaces Rosie pulled the ball back to Anna McGarel who sent the ball into the D for Chris to smash into the goal. 2-1 to Cambridge City 3s. Half time.

With a re-jig of players Louth got the second half underway. Some excellent defensive work by Susie Poo Leggate kept City from penetrating on the left.

Winning the ball Amie and Clare started some mind boggling one two’s up the pitch but was unable to get a strike on goal.

A 16 given and Sophie Trotter tracked her player back and intercepted the ball, she passed the ball to Amie in the centre who attacked City by surprise. She enter the D and faced the decision of ‘to pass or not to pass’. She passed and the goal was missed. Everybody turned and faced the hit out, but a slick ball through arrived at their forward who shot the ball into the goal.

Final score 3-1 to Cambridge City 3s. A long day for Louth and a disappointing result, but a fun day was had by all.

Many thanks to Co-Jo’s at Louth for sponsoring all the teams match balls.

Team: Amie Wright, Clare Chamberlin, Maggie Bilcliffe, Chris Giles, Rosie Bunney, Kelly Tomlinson, Sue Leggate, Sally Owen, Alice Bonus, Sophie Trotter, Sarah Colgan, Anna McGarel, Veronica Chamberlin.

Home man of the match: Clare Chamberlin.

Away man of the match: Chris Giles.