Charity day a success for Louth Golf Club

Stewards trophy
Stewards trophy
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LOUTH Golf Club held two large field competitions. Ladies’ Captain Anne Brackenbury held the Ladies’ Charity Am Am event in aid of The Friends of St James.

The course was in excellent condition and the greens were lightning fast thanks to Graham Ives and his team.

It didn’t seem to faze the visiting teams with two out of the four placing’s going to visitors and a third being a mixed Louth/visitors team. The format was better ball 2 scores per hole plus two holes being all four to count, off 7/8th handicaps.

There was only a one point difference between the four.

The winning team was from Boston, Pam Hyde, Julie West, Joan Young and Jean Markham with 77 (37 b9); 2nd, Linda West, Jean Hosking, Eileen Ballard and Fliss Smith (Louth), 77 (33 b9); 3rd, Pam Shepherd, Pat Castle, Audrey Bryant and Jean Walker (Louth/Blankney/Forest Pines), 76 (36 b9); 4th, Chris Walker, Jo Burndred, June Willows and Linda Fielding (Lincoln/Park Hill), 76 (33 b9).

Bill Wood, Chairman, Friends of St James’s, presented the prizes.

The second event was a serious but fun competition made even better by a BBQ and cakes at the half-way house provided by Andy Wilkinson and served up by Andy, Jo Partridge and Jeff Kettle.

The Steward’s Trophy is a three man/women team Texas Scramble. The winning ladies team was that of Sheila Green, Jean Hosking and Margaret Williams with 66.9; 2nd, Steph Teanby, Di Jones and Sue McLellan, 67.

For the men a magnificent eagle and nine birdies saw Paul Stocks, Phil Buttress and Bob Hennem win on 54.25; 2nd, Lee Perkins, Shaun Matthews and Craig Evans, 55.40; 3rd, Nick Montgomery, Peter Lacking and Guy Shufflebotham, 55.55; 4th, Paul Brackenbury, Brian Castle and David Parkinson, 58.90.