Gold rush for Louth AC at Lincolnshire Track and Field Championships

Louth AC team at the Lincolnshire Track and Field Championships EMN-150106-113518002
Louth AC team at the Lincolnshire Track and Field Championships EMN-150106-113518002

Athletes from Louth AC came home with a haul of medals and trophies from the 2015 Lincolnshire County Track and Field Championships.

There were outstanding performances across all age ranges from under 13s up to the veterans.

Caleb Stephenson EMN-150106-113454002

Caleb Stephenson EMN-150106-113454002

Caleb Stephenson won the under 13s boys’ 800m in 2min 34.5secs and was narrowly beaten into second place in the long jump with a personal best of 4.49m.

James Larder and Jevon George-Jones won gold in the 3,000m in the under 15s and under 17s boys’ races respectively. Jevon’s best time for the 3,000m (10min 14.8secs) put him in the national top 50 rankings this season.

George Johnstone won the under 17s boys’ shot put with 11.83m and also took 100m and 400m medals. His best throw this season (11.94m) also puts him in the UK’s top 50 shot putters for his age group.

There were also very strong performances from Freya Plaskitt, and Lucas George-Jones, who captured silver in the under 13s boys’ 1,500m, and Natalie Stainton who won the 400m hurdles and shot put and was second in the javelin and 100m hurdles.

James Larder EMN-150106-113506002

James Larder EMN-150106-113506002

In the veteran categories, Jason Stainton won several medals, including gold in the 800m, and Kerry Stainton won the women’s 3,000m and was second in the 800m.

County Championships Louth AC results: U13B 200m: 2: Caleb Stephenson, 32.00; U13B 800m: 1: Caleb Stephenson, 2.34.5; U13B 1500m: 2: Lucas George-Jones, 5.10.4; U13B long jump: 2: Caleb Stephenson, 4.49m; U13G 100m final: 8: Freya Plaskitt, 18.20; U13G 800m: 7: Freya Plaskitt, 3.05.7; U13G long jump: 8: Freya Plaskitt, 2.88m; U15B 3000m: 1: Jevon George-Jones, 10.32.5; U17B 100m final: 2 George Johnstone, 12.9; U17B 400m final: 3: George Johnstone, 59.70; U17B 800m final: 5: James Larder, 2.27.4; U17B 3000m, 1: James Larder, 10.07.8; U17B shot: 1: George Johnstone, 11.83m; U20W 100m hurdles: 2: Natalie Stainton, 19.70; U20W 400m hurdles: 1: Natalie Stainton: 84.4; U20W javelin: 2: Natalie Stainton, 24.46m; U20W shot: 1: Natalie Stainton, 7.32m; Vet M 100m: 2: Jason Stainton, 14.60; Vet M 200m: 2: Jason Stainton, 29.40; Vet M 400m: 3: Jason Stainton, 60.30; Vet M 800m: 1: Jason Stainton, 2.17.7; Vet M 1500m: 2: Jason Stainton, 4.57.7; Vet W 800m: 2: Kerry Stainton, 3.00.2; Vet Women 3000m: 1: Kerry Stainton, 12.20.9.

* A Louth AC team competed in the 2015 Cleethorpes AC Open Track and Field Meeting over the bank holiday weekend.

The club’s younger members delivered some excellent results. Competing in the under 11s and under 13s age groups were Evie and Ellie Odlin, John Hudson, Toby Alexander, Freddie Rhodes, Declan Templeton, Freddie Taylor and Hannah Reid.

Cleethorpes Open Louth AC results: U11B long jump: 9: Declan Templeton, 2.9m; 14: Freddie Rhodes, 2.4m; U13B shot: 1: Freddie Taylor, 6.94m; 4: Toby Alexander, 6.21m; Jr W shot: 2: Natalie Stainton, 7.07m; Sen W shot: 2: Karen Moulding, 5.69m; U13B long jump: 9: Freddie Taylor, 3.19m; Sen W Discus: 3: Karen Moulding, 14.37; U13B high jump: 1: Toby Alexander, 1.25m; U17B high jump: 4: Robert Johnstone, 1.55m; U13G long jump: 7: Ellie Odlin, 3.17m; 12: Evie Odlin, 2.53m; U13G high jump: 5: Ellie Odlin, 1.15m; U17B shot: 2: George Johnstone, 11.8m; Jr W javelin: 1: Natalie Stainton, 24.91m; Vet W: 3: Karen Moulding, 13.95m; Vet W 3000m: 2: Kerry Stainton, 11.54.8; 11: Jane Cope, 14.41.1; Jr and Sen W 100m hurdles: 2: Natalie Stainton, 18.5; Jr and Sen W 400m: 3: Kerry Stainton, 77.8; 4: Jane Cope: 95.6; Jr and Sen M 400m: 4: Jason Stainton, 62.3; U13G 100m: 5: Evie Odlin, 14.7; U13B 100m: 4: Toby Alexander, 14.9; U17B 100m: 6: George Johnstone: 12.7; 7: Robert Johnstone, 12.7; Jr and Sen W 200m hurdles: 2: Natalie Stainton, 37.7; U11B 600m: 6: Freddie Rhodes, 2.12.7; 7: Declan Templeton, 2.15.0; 15: John Hudson, 2.41.5; U13G 800m: 3: Evie Odlin; 2.44.0; Jr and Sen M 800m: 2: Jason Stainton, 2.18.5; U13B 1200m: 3: Freddie Taylor, 4.33.6; U13G 1200m: 2: Hannah Reid, 4.30.2; 3: Ellie Odlin, 4.42.0.

* The second race in the 32nd Wolds Dash Series from Hubbards Hills takes place next Wednesday (June 10).

The veterans’ race is a hilly 11,685-metre run following a loop from Hubbards Hills out into the Wolds and back. There are also races ranging from 1,200m to 4,230 metres around Hubbards Hills for juniors.

All races start at 7pm and can be entered on the night at the Hubbards Hills café.

* For more details on the club, visit or follow them on Facebook.