GOLF: Brown misses out on medals after incorrect scorecard

Nick Dawson, Steve Owen (Captain) & Graham Ives EMN-140828-101234001
Nick Dawson, Steve Owen (Captain) & Graham Ives EMN-140828-101234001
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The Ted Drakes and Marcus Brown are two separate 18 hole medal competitions played over, and open to, Louth and Kenwick Park members respectively with an aggregated score for the overall winner.

They were played over two consecutive Saturdays with the Marcus Brown being played first at Kenwick with the winner being Ben Darke (KP) 69 (h/c 9); 2nd M Irving (KP) 69 (10); 3rd P Dewhurst (KP) 70 (5); 4th N Cudmore (KP) 72 (16).

The winner at Louth, for the Ted Drakes, was the course’s head green keeper, Graham Ives, with a net 67 (h/c 15); 2nd S Joyce (LGC) 69 (13); 3rd W Melton (LGC) 70 (13); 4th S Done (KP) 71 (0).

The winner of the combined aggregated competitions was Nick Dawson (LGC), 150 (78+72); 2nd C Pickard (LGC) 150 (77+73); 3rd C Damms (LGC) 150 (74+76); 4th O Lea (LGC) 150 (73+77).

Graham Ives missed out on winning the Marcus Brown and aggregated owing to an incorrect card, it has happened to most at one time or another.