GOLF: High scoring at Colin Blades Memorial match in Louth

Colin Blades Memorial match
Colin Blades Memorial match
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The course at Louth Golf Club was in excellent condition leading to high scoring with all the top placing in the 40s for the Colin Blades Memorial better ball ¾ stableford.

The winners with 43 points were Lee Freeman and Clive Damns with 43; 2nd D. Spence & G. Stevelt 42 (23 b 9): 3rd J Rysdale & R. Sandy 42 (21 b 9); 4th S, Smith & J. Turner 41 (23 b 9).

The trophy is played in memory of Colin Blades, who was tragically killed in an industrial accident in 2004. Colin’s parents, Dianne and Brian, presented the prizes.

Pictured are Clive Damns, Lee Freeman, Dianne and Brian Blades and Steve Owen (Captain).