Hosts celebrate second round win

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Louth Swimming Club hosted the second round of the Senior Lincs League at the Meridian Leisure Centre.

The team were up against competition from South Lincs, Grimsby, Grantham and Gainsborough - but the hosts finished first on the night in emphatic style, keeping up their 100 per cent record of Senior League victories in 2015, with the final round to come later in the year.

From 48 events, Louth were victors in 21, claiming 16 seconds and nine thirds.

The Louth Swimmer of the Night accolade was awarded to Reuben Heywood, who secured two individual wins and contributed greatly to the two relay wins his team competed in.

Amy Gilpin also won her two events.

Louth individual winners were William McIntyre (open 100m butterfly), Amy Gilpin (12/u 50m breaststroke and butterfly), Emily Patch (open 100m freestyle), Sofie Schneider (open 100m breaststroke), Marie Schneider (open 100m backstroke); Reuben Heywood (10/u 50m breaststroke and butterfly), Phoebe Payne (10/u 50m freestyle), Libby Doubleday (10/u 50m butterfly), Solomon Willmington (10/u 50m backstroke).

Louth’s relay team winners were the girls 10/u 4x25 freestyle and medley (Phoebe Payne, Daisy Price, Libby Doubleday, Molly Pritchard), the boys 10/u 4x25 freestyle and medley (Reuben Heywood, Solomon Willmington, Willem Kloosterboer, George Hendry), girls 12/u 4x50 freestyle and medley (Amy Gilpin, Katie Roscoe, Victoria Patch, Harriette Rowden-Jones), girls open 4x50 feestyle and medley (Sofie and Marie Schneider, Lily Miller, Emily Patch) and the boys open 4x50 freestyle and medley (Tom Richardson, Charlie Spencer, Sam Swaby, Will McIntyre).

Louth individual second places went to William McIntyre (open 100m freestyle), Harvey Muns (12/u 50m freestyle and backstroke), Harriette Rowden-Jones (12/u 50m backstroke and freestyle), Sam Swaby (open 100m breaststroke), Katie Roscoe (14/u 100m freestyle), Emily Patch (open 100m butterfly), Solomon Willmington (10 yrs 50m freestyle), Will Thompson (14/u 100m breaststroke), Shaun Muns (12/u 50m butterfly), Lucy Krokchak (14/u 100m butterfly), Phoebe Payne (10 yrs 50m backstroke).

Louth Relay second places were gained by Jack Pritchard, Robert Patch, Harvey Muns, Shaun Muns (12/u 4x50 freestyle and medley) and Lucy Krofchak, Bryony Plaskitt, Ely Miller and Catherine Ward (14/u 4x50 freestyle).

Louth individual third places went to Will Thompson (14/u 100m freestyle), Jay Clarke (14/u 100m backstroke), Amy Gilpin (14/u 100m backstroke), Lucy Krofchak (14/u 100m breaststroke), Kieran Young (open 100m backstroke), Daisy Price (10 yrs 50m breaststroke), Dylan Heywood (14/u 100m butterfly).

Third places in relay events went to Ben Cribb, Dylan Heywood, Jay Clarke and Will Thompson (14/u 4 x 50m freestyle), Ely Miller, Bryony Plaskitt, Catherine Ward, Lucy Krofchak (14/u 4 50 medley).

Round 3 will take place on September 26 with the venue to be confirmed.

Final points on the night were: 1 Louth (198), 2 Grimsby (162), 3 Grantham (121), 4 South Lincs (106), 5 Gainsborough (105).