Incredible second for ultra Chris

Chris Rainbow at Whitehaven in the Coast 2 Coast Ultra.
Chris Rainbow at Whitehaven in the Coast 2 Coast Ultra.

Two members of Mablethorpe Running Club have recently completed two different but epic ultra runs.

Last weekend Chris Rainbow took part in the inaugural Coast 2 Coast Ultra. This is the only non-stop footrace across the UK. The 140-mile route starts in the north west at Whitehaven Dock and follows the beautiful C2C cycle route.

Runners have just 38 hours to complete the route with some heavy off road sections traversing the hills of the Lake District and the Pennines to finally meet the north sea at Tynemouth Castle. The route is a combination of country lanes, steep off road hills and cycle tracks.

So gruelling is the course that entry is by invitation only to qualified ultra runners with a proven minimum of a 100-mile non-stop race finish as a pre-requisite for entry.

Only 16 runners qualified and, given the distance and endurance involved, only six of those finished. Chris Rainbow finished second in this extraordinary race in a time of 32 hours 12 minutes.

Although marshalled and sign-posted entrants were required to carry sufficient supplies between stations, map reading skills were a must, as was a headtorch to assist in navigation through the night.

Chris reports the remarkable changes in the weather from the start at 7am wearing shorts and a vest but upon reaching various summits he was wearing mountain mitts and a storm jacket to resist the cold, wind and rain.

Race To The Stones is a 100km ultra event beginning at Chinnor in Buckinghamshire and ending at the Neolithic henge monument of three stone circles, the largest in Europe, around the village of Avebury in Wiltshire.

Leon Hockham returned in 2014 to compete in the non-stop event as did 600 runners. Leon finished in the top third in just 14h 27m. The winner (Scott Forbes) completed the trail in 9h 04m. Leon was disappointed having finished the same course last year in 13h 27m (also in the top third).