Joe makes a big impact in the fencing world

Fencer Joe Blair
Fencer Joe Blair

Fencer Joe Blair is the youngest and smallest member of Louth Fencing Club but has already made a big impact in both the club and the Yorkshire Humberside region.

Joe, who is still only nine and attends Kidgate Primary Academy in Louth is on his third year of competing in the region’s under 10’s league.

Joe has been the Yorkshire/Humberside’s under 10’s Boys Champion for the last two years and has also won numerous medals.

Usually fencing competitors are much larger but Joe has already learnt to move quickly and develop fast reflexes.

This month Joe also won the Harris Cup, an award for the student who has shown commitment to both training and competing.

Joe along with his brother Sam, has qualified to represent the region in the British Championships in May.

Joe also has a sister aged six who is waiting to join the club.

Kate and Jim Harris, head coaches said: “Joe is one of our hardest working juniors and always uses his defeats to learn for the next fight.

“He has an attitude to the sport that we could all learn from.”