Kendojo Black Belt Academy at UCMMA cage contenders show on Sky Sports

THREE fighters from the Kendojo Blackbelt Academy in Louth recently took part in the UCMMA cage contenders show in Norwich.

The show was hosted by British MMA figurehead Dave O’Donnell and organised by MA Action and and boasted some great new amateur talent in Kickboxing and Mixed Martial arts.

The show was filmed by MA Action and will feature on Sky Sports TV as part of the UCMMA broadcast.

First up from Louth was Sean Byrne taking on a local lad from Ipswich. Sean’s opponent clearly had a size advantage in this fight but from the off both fighters threw caution to the wind and went for the knockout.

Unfortunately for Sean he found himself caught with a beautifully timed head kick while off balance which saw him put to the canvas. After quickly standing back up and seeing out the eight count they went straight back to the action.

During round 2, Sean caught his opponent with some crisp punching to the face producing the night’s first blood. As his opponent continued to fight on, both fighters put everything into the fight, unfortunately for Sean the score cards went against him and the decision victory went to his opponent.

Fight 2 for Louth was Jason Smith against another local fighter. This was Jason’s first foray into full contact kickboxing and it took him the first 2 rounds to find his rhythm.

Jason adopted a counter striking game plan during the first two rounds and though he was clearly the better technician, his opponent used some great boxing skills to edge the rounds on points.

Coming into the third round with nothing to lose, Jason went on the hunt for victory. Going straight on the attack and putting his opponent on the back foot, it was early in the round that saw Jason land a crisp head kick followed by some crisp strikes that sent his opponent crashing to the canvas awarding Jason the victory.

The final fighter out of Louth was Lloyd Rance. Having only been kickboxing for four months but having previously boxed, Lloyd found himself matched against a very experienced kickboxer from Norwich.

Undeterred by this Lloyd took the fight straight to his opponent utilising his boxing skills and some offensive body kicks. By the start of the second round it was clear that Lloyd’s opponent wanted nothing to do with the close quarter contact as he dropped into a more traditional stance and began using his superior kicking skills to keep Lloyd at distance.

In the third and final round with the fight clearly drawn it was Lloyd’s eagerness to finish the fight that saw him move on to a perfectly executed spinning back kick that hit him clearly in the ribs forcing him to the canvas.

Clearly unable to continue the victory went to Lloyds opponent.

Though all three fighters didn’t come away with the victory, Kendojo were happy with the displays that all three fighters put on and were very thankful for all the support they received from the travelling crowd.

The Blackbelt academy will now make use of their new 16 foot boxing ring to train ready for there next tournaments.