Kendojo Black Belt School students pass grading

Five Kendojo Black Belt students passed their their final Black Belt grading of the year Taekwondo and Kickboxing, a 100 per cent pass rate on the day.

The day started with the Taekwondo grading. After a gruelling test of the entire syllabus Jake Ashman was successful and received his Black Belt 1st Dan.

Following this was the Kickboxing grading, with students of various ages attempting their gradings. The students were put through the entire syllabus performing all the required techniques and demonstrating kickboxing skills.

Birgit Higgs and George Osborne were awarded their 1st Dan Black Belts and brothers Jack and Ben Wainwright were both awarded their Junior Black Belts.

All students worked hard and trained for some time with Kendojo and the grading panel, consisting of Chief Instructor Teresa Kendall and Senior Instructors Sean Byrne and Paul Marshall.

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