Kendojo Martial Arts Centre student achieves 2nd Dan Black Belt


JUST nine days from her 17th birthday, Charlotte Marshall became one of Kendojo’s youngest Taekwondo students to achieve 2nd Dan Black Belt status.

Charlotte had to complete 1st Dan and 2nd Dan syllabuses. As well as going through the technical aspects of the art, kicks, strikes, basics and forms, Charlotte had to demonstrate her sparring skills and show her understanding and interpretation in applying self defence techniques.

The challenging grading was held at Kendojo Black Belt Academy, Louth, and was overseen by 7th Dan Master Richard Vince, Master Instructor from UKBBA Governing Body, 4th Dan Master Teresa Kendall, Chief Instructor Kendojo BBS, and 2nd Dan’s Sean Byrne and Paul Marshall, Senior Instructors with KBBS.

Charlotte started her training with Kendojo Black Belt Schools in May 2007 along with her family. She now trains, instructs and helps to run the Kendojo Martial Arts Centre in Manby which was opened last year by her father, Paul Marshall, in affiliation with Kendojo BBS.

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