Lil’ Dragons at Kendojo Martial Arts Centre in Manby

KENDOJO Martial Arts Centre, Manby, recently held a grading for their young members that attend their Lil’ Dragon classes.

The classes, which follow a martial arts programme, are tailored for children aged four to seven.

The students were put through a series of drills and techniques by Manby Club founder Paul Marshall, 2nd Dan, and Charlotte Marshall, 1st Dan, Lil’ Dragons Lead Instructor.

All of the children did really well with 16 Lil’ Dragons achieving their next grade.

Part of the grading included the Dragons having to recite parts of the Lil’ Dragon creed. Some of the Lil’ Dragons that were able to complete the whole of the creed on the day were rewarded with Super Lil Dragon badges.

Well done to all those that took part.

l Class details: Call Paul Marshall on 07968 410422.